Monday, February 20, 2012

Washington's Birthday and the Book Spot

Happy Washington's Birthday! When I was a child, long, long ago, there were two presidential holidays in February. We celebrated Lincoln's birthday on the 12th (but didn't get a day off from school) and Washington's on the 22nd. Then things got complicated. A day was invented, between the two, that we called Presidents' Day. It was the third Monday in February. Somehow, that became officially known as Washington's Birthday, even though it's not, and Lincoln got lost in the shuffle. Now, neither Washington's nor Lincoln's actual birthday is celebrated. If there's ever a Kaye George Day, I would like it to be on March 3rd, no matter what day of the week it is, please.

The Book Spot! We writers at All Things Writing are celebrating an entirely different day, February 25th. It's Book Spot Day! All three of us will be presenting a panel and signing at  from 2-4 pm. We'll talk about how we put the anthology together, and insights into our own writing. We're three writers with three distinctly different styles, so this should be be lively and interesting. If you're anywhere near the Austin, Round Rock area, please drop in. Our novels and our anthology will be available for purchase and signing. We love to meet readers!

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  1. Looking forward to our Book Spot signing! Should be lots of fun!