Monday, February 27, 2012

Dogs and Cats and Book Stores

Mary Ann notified you about our signing at The Book Spot in the last blog entry. Some of you must have paid attention--we had a great signing! It's an unusual book store. They carry used books and have a steady clientele of voracious readers who turn in good books and buy more. Danny and Julie, the owners, also carry recent best sellers AND local authors. Their author events seem to be quite frequent.

Mary Ann, Steve, and I presented a talk to a friendly, interested group of people, gave away chocolate, signed books--all the usual things.

Plus, we played with the dogs.

My own James in a favorite box on my desk
First of all, I will say that I always thought a bookstore was supposed to have a cat. Take a look at these beauties ( and these And, finally, this CATalog ( You'll notice that some of these cats are so famous, they show up on multiple lists!

Photo from their FB page
These were all easily found by searching for "cat book store". A search for "dog book store" turns up no such sites. Brady and AJ are clearly trend-setters. They are the Book Spot Dogs.

Let me say, for the record, that I dislike small dogs. They are usually yappy and nervous. I've been bitten in the ankles and had my shoes peed upon by small dogs. But these two guys are the CUTEST. They're well-behaved, quiet, and just adorable. I now will go on record as saying I like SOME small dogs.

You can keep up with them at Or, if you're near enough to Austin or Round Rock, you can stop in and pet them.


  1. They were so cute! And the book signing was lots of fun. Thanks to all who came out and supported us!

  2. There should definitely be more dog bookstores; I would love to be able to bring my parents' dogs with me when I browse for books. That Book Spot store sounds great, because I bet it has a lot of those hard-to-find books that major chain stores don't have. And I think that the atmosphere of stores like the one you described are often a lot friendlier too.