Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Choosing Blog Topics

How to choose a topic to blog about...I've been asked this question a lot lately. With All Things Writing opening up to guest bloggers on Fridays, many of the emails I've received have asked about what topics we'd like to see. Personally, as long as it relates to writing, I think the sky is the limit! However, I know that some folks have trouble narrowing it down, and that's understandable. I admit that many times I'm unsure about what I want to blog about, too. It can be especially difficult if you are working on more than one blog. Loesch's Muse is my other blog, and there are days when I curse the gods for giving me the idea of keeping up with a separate one because that means I gotta think more.

You have no idea how much pain thinking more causes me.

Since coming up with blog topics is a common problem, here are a few of the solutions that I've used to combat it.

1. Keep a rainy day list of topics. I like to jot down a few ideas and then when I have a stroke of brilliance (it's rare, I admit), I add it. I don't use every idea on the list, and I don't always use an idea from the list. Sometimes the topic is already percolating in my brain, but having the rainy day list helps me when I'm stuck.

2. Interview someone. Don't know anyone? Well, then that's just sad. How about creating an interview with one of your characters instead? It's a great writing exercise and really shows the reader how you go about creating dialogue and character.

3. Write a book review. This is a good way to practice the art of the critique and show people that, yes, you have an opinion. Be ready to deal with other's opinions, too.

4. Try a How To. Write a blog about how to create characters or how to write a good query. Oh!  I know! Write a how to on How to Choose a Blog Topic. Pretty clever, huh?

5. Share a short story. Do you have a piece around 1,000 words? Spruce it up and show that bad boy off on your blog. It's a great way to attract comments and show off your creative writing skills.

Are your brain juices percolating yet? I hope so!

This Friday our featured guest blogger will be the one, the only, the mighty--Matthew Bryant. Click on his name for a sneak peek at who this creative genius is.  Be sure to check back and comment on his fabulous post!


  1. I never feel the need for a muse more than when I'm trying to dream up something to blog about. Sometimes I have things I'm eager to share. Other times....

    I like the idea of posting a short short! I might do that.

  2. I think you should, Kaye. You are so good at the short short!