Monday, December 26, 2011

What Did You Get?

I didn't get an e-reader, but I'll bet a lot of you did. The only reason I didn't get one is that I already have it! Mary Ann blogged on the reasons to own one a few days ago, so I won't go into all of them here, but my main two are book prices and the ability to carry dozens of books around in my purse. If I've started one book and don't feel like reading that one, I can switch to another. When I come back to the abandoned one, it'll pick up where I left off--automatic bookmarks.

I'll bet you're thinking that now I'll tell you to click at the side to buy one of our books for your new reader (if you got one, which I hope you did!).

Fooled you! I'm not. I'd really like to hear if anyone got really cool presents! I got beautiful things from all my kids, and the most precious gift from my grandkids. Two of my five are step granddaughters, and one of them is spending the school year in Spain, so I didn't get anything from her (but I do expect something from Spain in the spring!). Her sister spent the night here Christmas Eve, along with my son--a wonderful gift in addition to what they brought (good stuff!).

But the other 3 sent the precious gift. My son's two, ages 3 and 5, under my daughter-in-law's direction, put their handprints on two towels, which they then sent to my daughter, who had her 1-year-old add his. He, however, was horrified at the whole concept of fingerpaints all over his hands, and contributed the cutest little print (one on each towel). Can you tell which one is his?

When I called my daughter-in-law to thank them (daughter was on a plane when I opened the package), she pointed out that they were Hand Towels. Get it? Hand Towels? I'm embarrassed she had to tell me!


  1. I got an LDC soft white bulb that will last 22 years. According to my husband, Popular Mechanics said it would be a good Christmas present. Very few people have them. I am an "early adopter." I wonder whether I could write a story about this.

    Got some other things, too, but nothing as surprising as the light bulb.

  2. A lightbulb! A 22 year lightbulb? Should we start worrying about handing them down, putting them in our wills? How was it wrapped?

  3. I got an e-reader in October so my family got me Amazon gift cards. I ended up with enough in gift cards to buy a Fire, though I'm still going to wait until the 2nd version comes out. They always do the week after I buy something shiny.

  4. Funny, Dee. But no matter how long you wait, a newer version will always be coming out. I hope you get one soon!