Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Reasons to Try an eReader

Okay, now I already know what some people are going to say when they read the title of this post. 

"I like the way it feels holding a real book in my hands."

How nice for you. That's cool. But have you ever actually tried an eReader? I'm not talking about your laptop or computer either. I mean, an eReader like the Nook, iPad, or Kindle? Many of the people who have given me the above response have never actually tried one.

I have to admit it. I was skeptical, too. I'm a writer after all and reading is one of my passions, but when my mother got a Kindle last year for Christmas, I was curious to know how that would go. Mom reads as much as I do and probably keeps Half Price Books in business. My father and I both thought she would never enjoy the Kindle.

We were so wrong....that woman never puts the damn thing down. She and Amazon have a close, personal relationship now, and she feels that every email she gets from them is like a specially tailored love letter.  Her passion for the eReader made me want one in the worst way! My husband broke down and bought one for me this past July, and I have to say it's one of the best investments ever!

Here's a few reasons why:

1. It does feel like you're holding a book. Especially if you put a cover on it! True, most eReaders are a little more light weight, but I still feel like I'm reading a book.

2. Storage. My husband loves the eReader because at long last my books are not piling up everywhere in our bedroom. Now they are all neatly compact and stored on my Kindle.

3. Eye strain. This is another crazy excuse I hear all the time about why an eReader is bad. Most eReaders are designed to make it easy on your eyes, to prevent glare if you are outside, to have bigger font if you need bigger letters. If you're eReader isn't doing that, you've got the wrong one.

4.Expense. Best sellers and new releases are still going to be expensive. However, there are lots of other books out there that are cheap or even free. Also, if you have 3G on your eReader, you can purchase books wherever you are at.

5. Portability. Yep, you can stick them in your purse, briefcase, backpack, whatever. Because they are light weight, they usually don't feel as heavy as toting around a book does.

So if you are considering an eReader for that special loved one in your life, I can also recommend a few books that would make great gifts to try out on it. For example, Nephilim and All Things Dark and Dastardly are both available for the eReader. Click on any of the books links on the right hand side of the page to learn more!

Happy Reading!


  1. I've been a little anti-eReader, but lately I've been reading a lot of Smashwords books on my iPhone so I asked Santa for a Kobo Vox. I love my paperback books but it's going to be great to read all my ebooks on a bigger screen :)

  2. Bella, I really think you'll like it and it won't be as big of a change as you think from paperback to eReader. I know reading off your iPhone can be tough, too! Let me know what you think if Santa brings it to you!

  3. I can't even imagine reading on an iPhone. I like the enlarged print on my eReader. The convenience of taking lots of books on a trip is one of my big reasons for liking my Sony. More room to pack shoes!

  4. Not really an anti-e-reader, but I don't know that purchasing a stand-alone e-reader is worth the money. Technology is advancing fast these days and everything from computers, to tablets, to cell-phones have e-reader software on them. E-reader and cell phone technology is merging until there is no distinction. I'd hold off on buying one and check your phone for one. Same goes for stand-alone GPS systems for your car.

    I'm also a collector as much as a reader and have a substantial personal library.

    Having said that, actually reading electronic books is pretty cool. Just finished one today!

  5. I have an Amazon Kindle {it has a keyboard and can go on wifi altho im not sure of the official model name :s }.Also,you can borrow library books in ebook form,you just need to register you ebook on the proper website for the brand {im not sure if all public libraries go through }

  6. I forgot to mention to that you can lend some books on Kindle. Not all, but some. That's kind of a nice feature. I bet the other eReaders have similar options.

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