Monday, August 1, 2011

The Zombie Monologues, my two cents

I know Mary Ann reviewed this book here, but I'd like to give my side. I enjoyed the heck out of it!

This book is subtitled, "Finally, the other side of the apocalypse story" and it's a different side, all right. We get to talk to zombies, see what they're really thinking. Oh, you didn't know they were thinking? See, we couldn't tell that until Dr. Marshall and his two residents, Eve and Zack (yes, Resident Eve--love it!), have perfected a way to electronically capture and translate their brain waves into recognizable speech patterns. Exciting!

We find they're not really mindless at all. They just can't control those zombie bodies and those zombie urges. Ten subjects have been gathered, at great risk, subdued, and wired up for transmission. If only the computers will keep operating well enough. This takes a lot of bandwidth (or something). The subjects are considered to be nine, since two are a married couple, a performing comedy team. They relish the opportunity to do more shtick.  

One of the subjects won't admit to being a zombie, but most of them know exactly what happened. And some are ticked off about it. Their brain waves can only be captured for a limited amount of time, so the team must work quickly to complete their research, then the brain deteriorate to, well, to what you would think a zombie brain should be.

But what is the research for and what are they doing? And are forces working against them? From where? And are the captive zombies capable of, well, plotting something?

I can't reveal much more of the developments without ruining the story for you, so pick up a copy and delve into these minds and adventures.

"The Zombie Monologues" by Dragonfire Press, June 2011

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