Monday, August 22, 2011

My review of NEPHILIM by Mary Ann Loesch

This book is outside the scope of my regular fare, but I had a ball reading it. It's a dark tale (my favorite kind) of earthlings and immortals and creatures in between. The nephilim are the result of angels mating with humans. Yes, it can be done! Angels have the privilege of taking vacations on earth, doing so in earthly form. These trips can last for many, many years. The angels are forbidden from mating with humans, in fact, they don't even have much human emotion. But, if they stay earthbound long enough, some emotions creep in. And mating does occur!

You'll recognize the names of some of the starring angels--others will be new to you, I think. They will all fascinate you. Even in their earthly forms, they are powerful beings, and they all seem to be very good looking.

Faye McCoy, a talented singer in a club on Austin's Sixth Street, has been mourning the loss of her parents and her fiancé since their violent death a few years ago. She's living her life using as little energy and emotion as she can, in a sort of limbo. Azal, her guardian angel, whom she's been keeping at arm's length all this time, thinking he should have saved her family, thinks it's time for him to break through Faye's defenses and warn her that she's in danger.

Azal succeeds in recruiting Nathan Ink for the task. (That's Nathan on the cover!) Nathan runs an odd tattoo parlor on Sixth Street, one you won't ever want to find. It's called Hell's Leak and the only people who can see it are those who need it, great sinners. Nathan has a unique method of tattooing these customers, some greedy, some lustful, some prideful, all exhibiting at least one of the seven deadly sins. His tattoos come with painful, sometimes fatal, life lessons.

Nathan's naughty customers aren't the only people dying in Austin, though. There is a serial killer who, after stabbing his victims, leaves a distinctive imprint on their bodies. The same killer was evidently at work seven years ago. The killings quit for seven years, then started as if they'd never stopped. The killer is now dubbed the Grim Sleeper and those two words strike terror into Faye's heart when she thinks she's met him. And that he's stalking her.

The plot dives deep and leads the reader along a tangled path. It's hard to tell the good guys from the bad, and some are both. The Lord does make a few appearances, but not as you'd expect. I'll bet you'll have fun with this tale of passion, sin, and redemption. An entertaining read!

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