Friday, August 26, 2011

Review of Choke

I admit, that other than the Sherlock Holmes series (which I love), I haven’t delved much into the realm of modern mystery.

And by “much” I mean “any.”

So with that being said, I think Choke by Kaye George was a great place to start. Not only did it bypass all my preconceived notions about mystery novels, it seemed to do the same thing for the main character and fan of hard-boiled mystery novels herself, Imogene Duckworthy (Immy).

Immy’s common sense approach was very refreshing, and her small-town naiveté felt down right charming (for example, when dealing with a pair of lawyers, she wonders if the plural of Lexus is, in fact, Lexi). Choke mixed just the right about of mystery with character development, and I found myself caring just as much about Immy and her family as I did finding out whodoneit.

I think that’s what I liked best about the story. It felt like something just an hour or two down HWY 71 or 290 from here, and kept me trying to solve the mystery up until the very end without reminding me I was reading a mystery novel. Good pacing, good characters, good writing. What else could you ask for?

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