Monday, August 8, 2011

What I'd like to be doing

Today, on this blog, I've LOVE to be reviewing NEPHILIM. I've bought it for my e-reader, but it's not read yet. (Along with at least a dozen other books.)

This week I'd like to be writing at least 2 chapters on the book that's in progress (or not). I doubt that will happen. I'm hoping for a few pages.

This month I'd like to be replotting and restarting a favorite of mine that hasn't been sold. Want to take bets on me doing that?

In general, every week I'd like to read 7 books, write 3 novel chapters and 3 short stories, submit short stories to five places, send out promotional material for the novel that's out, comment on every blog I follow, turn in book reviews to the magazine more promptly than I have been, post better blogs post than this on All Things Writing, and sell a thousand copies of CHOKE.

What's my problem? TIME! I need more, much more.  

I hope I can get NEPHILIM read by next week. If I do, you'll see a review here!

(Have you noticed the book covers to the right?) 

Picture: Clock dial of the French Revolution
In the public domain because the copyright has expired


  1. Hey girl! Don't worry about Nephilim. It will be there! I really related to this post. School starts soon and I can feel my writing time slipping away...

  2. I can relate. I always want to get more done than I actually do. Between the day job and family, time always slips away so quickly so that I don't get nearly everything I hope to each day. Hang in there and remember even 1 page is better than no pages.

  3. I can definitely understand how you feel. No matter how much I get done, I still feel like I could have gotten a lot more done. I wish I could clone myself so that my clone would do all the boring stuff I don't really want to do; then I'd have more time for all the fun and interesting stuff that I'd rather be doing. But then my clone would probably get bored/resentful and revolt against me. And that would not end well.

  4. Your goals sound completely reasonable, at least to me, who has a similar-sounding to-do list! Maybe time isn't the only thing we need. Maybe we also need a support group for overachievers.