Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Boost Your Book Sales Part 2

Boosting books sales....there is lots to be said on the subject! I know many authors who are always looking for that magic pill that will automatically shoot their book to the top of every best seller list. Being a working writer is hard and we need all the support we can get when it comes to getting the word out about our books!

Last week, the incredibly talented Clive West, wrote a great piece about listing your book at an alternative selling location. I absolutely loved his approach and had to repost sections of it here because I believe it to be a solid idea that will help out writers. There is no cost and your royalties pay out exactly the same as they would when you list at Amazon. It reminds me a little bit of Smashwords except Clive's company is doing more of the file formatting for you!

The point is that it's free and another place for people to buy your book in different formats other than Kindle.

Click here for the full article: How to Boost Your Book Sales or read on to see some of the highlights!

From Clive:

I'm now going to propose something which I hope every author reading this will find relevant and of interest. It won't cost you a bean, there's nothing to buy (anyway) and there are no restrictions attached. In other words, I’m not about to launch into one of those awful, intellect-insulting exercises in thinly-garbed hard-sell.

Simply put, we're able to offer authors another way of selling their books and in 3 different formats; mobi (Kindle), ePub and PDF. We'll take your book and cover files, format them (to those 3 formats) and upload them securely in a way in which anyone buying them can't use to give others free downloads. The amount your book will be sold for will be identical to the price listed on and the amount we pay you per sale will be identical to what Amazon would pay you.

Thus, a book selling for $3.00 would accrue $2.10 in royalties from Amazon so we would pay you $2.10 for every book sold through us and a $1.50 book would accrue $0.525 per book in royalties - again exactly what we would pay you.

Using our service to sell your books means extra exposure, more customers (not everyone uses Kindle) and the ability to send customers straight to a sales link using 3 URL's we'd supply you with (one for each format).

Since you don't pay us for setting it up and you get paid exactly the same per sale (although we pay quicker than the big companies), there's absolutely zero to lose and everything to gain. There are no catches, no small print, no nasties. We do ask that you're with us for 6 months (to give us a fair crack at getting our setting up costs back) but that's about it.

This is a win-win situation and one which we hope you'll take full advantage of. For more information, please visit

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