Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Boost Your Book Sales

I don't know about you but I like transparency in my business transactions. It's normally something you can insist on - either because it's your statutory right (in the case of public utilities for example) or through the simple act of 'taking the ball away'. For example, how many of you would think of buying some expensive item from a delicatessen counter where the weight of the item wasn't at least visible to you - never mind printed out for you to check on your own scales?

We’d quibble over some relative small-change yet we’re prepared to put our books up with the big distribution companies and hope that they'll be straight with us about how many copies have actually been sold and that our book’s ranking and those of other books in our book’s genre, are fairly calculated and applied. That's a lot of trust to be placing in anyone.

It reminds me of something my old boss used to joke about more lifetimes ago than I like to reflect on: "Open your wallet and repeat after me". He'd say that when he was suggesting someone could be patsied, that they were a soft touch and that they wouldn't ask pertinent questions for fear of being rude.

I'm not casting aspersions on anyone, merely remarking at how trustful we've suddenly become – I hope that trust is justified.

With Mary Ann's blessing, I'm now going to propose something which I hope every author reading this will find relevant and of interest. It won't cost you a bean, there's nothing to buy (anyway) and there are no restrictions attached. In other words, I’m not about to launch into one of those awful, intellect-insulting exercises in thinly-garbed hard-sell.

Simply put, we're able to offer authors another way of selling their books and in 3 different formats; mobi (Kindle), ePub and PDF. We'll take your book and cover files, format them (to those 3 formats) and upload them securely in a way in which anyone buying them can't use to give others free downloads. The amount your book will be sold for will be identical to the price listed on and the amount we pay you per sale will be identical to what Amazon would pay you.

Thus, a book selling for $3.00 would accrue $2.10 in royalties from Amazon so we would pay you $2.10 for every book sold through us and a $1.50 book would accrue $0.525 per book in royalties - again exactly what we would pay you.

Using our service to sell your books means extra exposure, more customers (not everyone uses Kindle) and the ability to send customers straight to a sales link using 3 URL's we'd supply you with (one for each format).

Since you don't pay us for setting it up and you get paid exactly the same per sale (although we pay quicker than the big companies), there's absolutely zero to lose and everything to gain. There are no catches, no small print, no nasties. We do ask that you're with us for 6 months (to give us a fair crack at getting our setting up costs back) but that's about it.

This is a win-win situation and one which we hope you'll take full advantage of. For more information, please visit

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  1. I think this sounds great! I can't wait to list my books with you, Clive!