Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Day to Submit Them, and in the Darkness Bind Them

I’ve been writing stories for a few years now and I have a lot of stories in various stages of completion. One thing I’ve noticed that in a given week, I have anywhere from eight or ten stories I need to submit to potential markets.

That sounds easy enough, but it takes a lot of time, looking at markets in an attempt to determine which market is right for a given story. That adds up to a lot of work.

The problem with that is it detracts from me actually writing. I know it’s important, and I’m not willing to ignore the need to submit material to markets, but I have to admit that I became a writer because I like to write. And there are already enough things that take away time from my writing. So I’ve come up with a plan.

From now on, Sundays are my days for submissions. I’m calling them Submission Sunday and my goal is to make all the week’s submissions during this one day. That way I’m free to write on all the other days of the week, with one less distraction.

And I’m even going to post updates on Twitter. At first it will be #Submission Sunday, but as it catches on – and I know it will – I’ll be able to abbreviate it to #SS. So, if submissions are getting you down, then do what I do. Make it fun and tweet about #Submission Sunday.

Stay tuned for next week’s #QueryThursday. Okay, I might be kidding about that.

~Doug McIntire

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  1. Great idea Doug! I decided just to keep it to where I submit 2 shorts a month, but this sounds more productive. I'll tweet it along!