Tuesday, February 9, 2010


How many ways can a creative person think up to put off writing?

I can create spreadsheets, plot charts, clean off the desk (although that happens seldom), go for a walk (but that's working, really, because I'm thinking about my WIP, obviously), clean house (ditto the desk), play solitaire (ditto walking), update my webpage...OK, I'm running out of ways. I thought I was more creative than this!

I can always blog.

Here's the thing. A writer writes. Guess I'd better get to it!



  1. hehe

    I don't have to think of ways to keep myself from writing. I'm in over my head with stuff like that!

    Sorry this is so short, my wife is asking about diapers...

  2. The more I try to market my writing, the more I see that it gets in the way of actually writing. That's my version of "stalling." Great article!