Sunday, January 10, 2010

Writing Exercise Prompts for the Week of January 10, 2010

You’ve heard me say it before, well maybe read it when I wrote it, that to be a writer, you have to write; everyday. Even you only do 20-minute writing exercises. So I’ve added some more writing prompts for this week. I haven’t done this in a while and thought it might be time again. Of course this has a horror slant. Hey, I am a horror author after all.

Sunday, January 10th – It’s the cold and flu season. And when you get sick, you just want to crawl in bed. But what if you can’t? What if you had the flu and also had to get away from zombies? Write about it.

Monday, January 11th – Instead of the flu like yesterday’s writing prompt, make it a virus, a really bad virus that you just thought was a cold coming on. How did you get it? Where did it come from? Is it terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

Tuesday, January 12th – What New Year’s resolution did you make? Are you sticking to it? How about a serial killer resolving not to murder anyone this year? Or it could be a monster or a vampire. Write about it.

Wednesday, January 13th – I just watched The Hangover again. Funny stuff. Did you have a hangover from New Year’s Eve? Write about waking up with a hangover and finding something that is so out of place you don’t know what to make of it.

Thursday, January 14th – New Year’s is also about goals. Take the prompt from Monday and switch it around. Instead of resolving not to kill, make it a totally ridiculous goal, maybe to kill a person every day.

Friday, January 15th – And let’s not forget about snow and ice. Icy roads lead to accidents, even if you’re on your way to the hospital. What can you make out of that?

Saturday, January 16th – Speaking of ice and snow, what if you get snowed in and can’t get somewhere? Or maybe you can’t get away from something or someone. Write for 20 minutes.

Here’s another idea for a bonus writing exercise this week. Take two or three of these and combine them together. Or combine one of these with any of the numerous books out there that give writing prompts. What can you come up with?

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do these writing exercises. The important thing is that you write. That’s all for now.

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  1. These are great, Doug! I'm printing them out and may even get to do some. Thanks.

  2. Ah, for a mystery writer, I might change these up a little. But I'll bet you can make do! :)