Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten lists

Tis the season to think of the top ten worst and best. What were the worst things that happened to you in 2009? The very worst that happened to me was nothing compared to what some people faced. I didn't lost a house or a job. I didn't get a novel published, but that doesn't threaten my life. The best things for me, writing-wise, about 2009 (because I'd rather think up good things than bad things (and 5 because that's a WHOLE lot easier than 10):

(1)I got a story published in January that I'm proud of. [[http://www.geoffeighinger.com/Crooked1.pdf]]

(2)I got to join a new writers' group, and here I am blogging with them.

(3)My YA manuscript got requested, in full, by three agents, any one of which I'd leap through hoops to sign with. (And I don't leap through hoops easily!)

(4)I finished a good rewrite on the intended first of a series and hope to begin querying it soon. (As soon as it gels and I get a couple read-throughs back from trusted readers.)

(5)I got a story accepted for an anthology that should come out this year. This will be my first non-magazine short story, it will be something I can sign at book signings!

There were many, many rejections and disappointments, along with the scattered triumphs. I suspect 2010 will not be much different. A lot more rejections, BUT, I am holding out hope for the one agent, the one publisher, who will see something that appeals to him/her/them in my writing.

I hope this is a great year for all the writers I know! Now, let's go pound the keyboards. My motto for this year: GET 'ER DONE!

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  1. Well done, Kaye! A noteworthy 2009 and a noteworthy motto for the year to come. If we combine get 'er done with never give up, we've got it made!