Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shakespeare With a Side of Naughty!

Today's tour stop is at Books on Silver Wings. I will be blogging about my passion for Shakespeare and what inspired me to dive into an erotic fiction series based on some of his more famous works! Check it out and enter to win the giveaway!

Books on Silver Wings

Interested in Naughty Shakespeare? Stop by my blog or drop by Amazon and pick up a copy of Taming of the Prude!

Some marriages begin with mutual trust and admiration. And some...well, some begin with the promise of a dowry and the taming of a wife. When saucy, headstrong Kate discovers that the man she's just seduced in the courtyard is to be her future husband Petruchio, she is furious and vows to make sure that he never receives the dowry her father has promised him if he tames her! Instead, Kate begins a campaign to tame him and her methods are a little more adventurous than his. Unafraid of her sexuality, Petruchio's wife uses all sort of devices to make sure he knows exactly who the boss is in their marriage is. But can they fight the sparks of love that threaten to tear their strong willed natures a part? And just who is taming who? 

This fun, fast paced erotic tale based on Shakespeare's comedy The Taming of the Shrew is the third book in Esmae Browder's Naughty Shakespeare series.

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