Monday, February 24, 2014

The Book Cover Designer--a great resource for Self Publishing Authors

I adore book covers! Especially the hot and steamy ones! I mean, c'mon. Nothing says "Read me!" like a book cover with some hot looking male or female in a provocative pose.  Book covers are absolutely crucial to selling your book--even if your hawking an ebook!


Because many of your readers are visual people. If a cover intrigues them, catches their eye, makes them go "WTF?," then odds are good you might make a sale. Book covers are the best piece of advertising you have!

So what do you do when you are a self published author? How do you get the same quality cover as someone publishing through a traditional house? Do you hire an artist? Graphic designer? Your neighbor who won an art contest that one time when they were twelve? All of the above can be great ways to go, but they can also be expensive...except maybe for the neighbor thing. (Don't pick that option. Please.)

I recently stumbled across a fantastic site called The Book Cover Designer. Here, you can find pre-made book covers at inexpensive prices from a wide array of designers in all genres. That's right. All genres! You can even order something custom which may be a bit more expensive if that floats your boat. The font, the title, the placement on the cover--all you have to do is let the artist know what you want.

Of course, I do recommend that you be choosy and that you read the fine print for each cover. Many of them are a one time sale, meaning that once you buy the cover, it is taken off the site so that no one else can use it. However, that is not the case for all--so be sure to check what your designer says he or she will do once you purchase a cover.

Also, there are some really awesome designers and some poopy ones, too. Just browse and see what you come up with! Check out a few of the covers I picked out and then click on The Book Cover Designer to find your next cover! The Book Cover Designer.

By the way, my favorite designer is Madelene Martin! Great to work with and has a wide variety of ideas for covers! Here is her site! Madelene Martin

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