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Tackling the World of Self Publishing by Guest Author Jessi Gage

I reviewed Jessi Gage's fabulous book Wishing for a Highlander a few months back. Click here for the review: Wishing for a Highlander Review! This is the perfect Valentine's Day read! And, I have to say that I adore the new cover--though I'm biased! I'm delighted to have her blog for us today, and I hear a sequel is in the works for her Highlander series. Can't wait to read it! Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!---Mary Ann

Thanks for hosting me on the day of luurve, Mary Ann! I’m celebrating Valentines Day by shouting from the rooftops news of my re-released time-travel romance Wishing for a Highlander.
With the sale of my publisher, Lyrical, to Kensington last month, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to try self-publishing. It’s something I’ve been curious about and have learned a lot about through friends who have done it. It felt like the right time, so when I had the opportunity to get my rights back, I jumped at the chance to launch myself as a hybrid author (author who does traditional and indie publishing).
So what’s new in the second edition of Wishing for a Highlander? Pretty much just the cover (which Mary Ann helped me with *winks*), blurb, and price. I made a few minor edits, but for the most part, the story itself is just as fast-paced and sweet as ever.
Being able to price the book myself, I reduced the price to $3.99. It’s wonderful to have such control over every aspect of my baby, but the benefits come with risks and hard work. So far, I’m pleased with my new indie venture, and I hope it pays off for readers too!
Wishing for a Highlander
In a nutshell, it’s about a single and pregnant museum worker who accidentally wishes herself back in time and is forced to marry a Highland warrior with intimacy issues.
Here’s the blurb:
Be careful what you wish for. It might just come true.

Single-and-pregnant museum worker Melanie voices an idle wish while examining a Scottish artifact, that a Highland warrior would sweep her off her feet and help her forget her cheating ex. The last thing she expects is for her wish to be granted. Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth-century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilted fantasy man.

Tall, handsome, and heir to his uncle’s lairdship, Darcy Keith should be the most eligible bachelor in Ackergill. Instead, thanks to a prank played on him in his teenage years, he is known for being too large under his kilt to ever make a proper husband. “Big Darcy” runs his deceased father’s windmills and lives alone at his family manor, believing he will never marry.

But a strangely dressed woman he rescues from a clan skirmish makes him long for more. When the woman’s claims of coming to Ackergill by magic reach the laird’s ears, she is accused of witchcraft. Darcy determines to protect her any way he can, even if it means binding her to him forever.

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About Jessi Gage
Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. In addition to writing paranormal romance, she’s a wife, a mom, an audiologist, a church-goer, a Ford driver, a PC user, and a coffee snob. Her guiding tenet in her writing is that good triumphs over evil, but not before evil gives good one heck of a run for its money. The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.

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Thanks for stopping by to wish me well on my first indie venture, and thank you, Mary Ann, for hosting me!

Happy Valentines Day!

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