Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 All Things Writing Resolutions

Ugh...I hate coming up with resolutions. In fact, I just try to avoid doing it because rarely am I successful at keeping them.

But then again...

Actually, in looking back at some of my resolutions for last year, I find that not to be true...I actually did keep a few! I published several books, started a Theatre Arts based publishing imprint, and took on lots of great guest bloggers here at All Things Writings.

That being said, I think I will try a few resolutions for All Things Writing:

1. Keep bringing you posts from various authors on the art of writing.

2. Introduce you to a crazy new blogger that I really like: Esmae Browder.

3. Look for someone to write book reviews full time!

None of those is particularly earth shattering, but maybe a resolution doesn't have to be. I've always felt that you should set attainable goals. For those of you looking for a few simple ones in regards to your writing habits, here's a few that might interest you.

1. Set a writing schedule and stick to it.

2. Send out five queries to agents a month.

3. Once a week, write something that is just for the fun of writing---keep it separate from any project you are working on.

4. Look into giving a class on the topic of writing.

5. Attend a class about writing or go to a writing conference.

Tell me about some of your writing resolutions!

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