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Timeless by Daisy Banks--a review

Let's face it. Today's cover is hot, hot, hot! It almost made me blush. But then again, romance is definitely the topic this month at All Things and since Valentine's Day was just yesterday, that cover captures the current mood of many people.

Or it conveys all too clearly what you didn't happen to you on Valentine's Day.

Regardless, today's book is a good belated Valentine to pass along to the special someone in your life.

Here is the publisher's blurb for Timeless:
Their love will be eternal, the legend says...if they survive.

Lonely and forced into a life of secrecy, 400-year-old Magnus finds Sian--the sexy music film producer who's working in his house-- tough to ignore. As she resists his alter ego when he invades her dreams to seduce her, her innate powers astound him, and his need only grows. In dreams or reality, he’s determined to make her his. She is meant for him alone.

Independent, hard-working Sian has hopes and plans for the future that include the stately house at Darnwell. Not its aloof owner. She's there to acquire the home for a video shoot, nothing more. By day, each layer she explores in Magnus's grand old home with him leads her deeper into love. But by night, he seduces her in her dreams, gives her ecstasy like she's never known. Then she learns his secret: Come the full moon, she is the only one who can control his wolf curse. First though, she has to survive it.

WARNING: Highly sensual with intense sexual encounters.

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance
Did you read that part about the WARNING? Ha! While I read just about anything, it's probably best that it's on there. I would hate for some sweet old lady to pick up this tale and get heart palpitations!
I found Timeless to be a lot of fun! I really enjoyed Magnus and thought he was a well developed character--physically, as well as, emotionally. He's got the older man wisdom mixed in with a charm that makes him oh-so-sexy. I did think at times he was a little suffocating for Sian, but that's also part of what creates some conflict between them.
Sian is also a vivid character. She makes some interesting fashion choices that only endear her to the boss man, a deviant character called Franklyn. I liked that she was an independent woman who didn't immediately fall into the main characters arms. She went through a lot of internal struggles that fit her character and helped build the tension.
I must admit that I'm not always a fan of dream sequences. They tend to be an overused tool for writers in the paranormal romance genre, but I thought Ms. Banks did an excellent job of keeping the action moving forward and making the dream stuff work.
When I read the blurb for this book originally, I missed the part where it mentions Magnus turning into wolf. So I was surprised when the book took that turn. However, I again felt that it didn't keep with the traditional werewolf rules and offered some nice twists to the story.
Let's talk about sex!
There's some good stuff in there if you are into erotic reading. On the other hand, if that kind of stuff is not your thing, skip those parts and read the rest. I'm always impressed when a writer can write a strong sex scene that doesn't come across as cheesy or unrealistic.
Overall, this book lit my fire. I hope it lights yours too! Click on the links below to get your copy today!
Daisy Banks is author of

Your Heart My Soul with Liquid Silver Books to be released 25th March 2013

Timeless with Lyrical Press

Fiona’s Wish with Lyrical Press 2013 CAPA Nominee with The Romance Studio

A Matter of Some Scandal with Lyrical Press

Witch’s Mark with NCP

For more information about Daisy and her books visit

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