Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Punctuation Day!

OK, I'll admit that some of the day and month celebrations I've been posting about haven't had much to do with writing, until I stretched them in that direction. But Punctuation Day? That's right on target! 

Rather than discuss punctuation, I'd like to give some resources here. Some of these overlap punctuation with other aspects of grammar, but it's all good.

I've consulted this site several times and am posting the section on punctuation, but you should check out the rest of it too if you're ever hesitant about your writing.

Dan Persinger runs this great blog, Last Editor Standing. I guarantee you'll find gems here if you poke around.

I haven't consulted this one, just found it googling around, but it looks fairly good. I can't say I agree with the ellipsis points section, though. I much prefer the four-dot method and it's not explained here.

 If you can ignore all the ads here, this article makes a good point, which it that grammar rules aren't really laws as much as they are customs.

The point should be made that writers generally adhere to either the Chicago Manual of Style of the Associated Press Stylebook and these two guides can disagree. Another point is that, if your publisher wants to violate a punctuation rule and ignore all the common usages, that is your publisher's right and you'll just have to grit your teeth and bear it--or self-publish.

Lastly, I'll post a link to the actual site for today:

All pix, interrobang, snowy owl, and Welsh grammar are public domain from wiki commons.


  1. Thanks, Kaye! Useful info - I like having full sources available.