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Rotter World--A review of Scott M. Baker's Latest Novel

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Rotter World…the title already conjures some strong images. The book contains some even stronger ones. Of course, that's to be expected in a tale about zombies, vampires, and the military. Now before you go thinking that this is another 28 Days, Resident Evil, or Walking Dead rip off, let me just set you straight. Sure, it has some of the same qualities, but I found that this book by Scott M. Baker managed to take on a life of its own and be a really interesting, if graphic, story about mankind's survival after a zombie apocalypse.

So let's get to it! Here is the synopsis from the book:

Eight months ago vampires released the Revenant Virus on humanity. Both species were nearly wiped out.

For Mike Robson, the situation could be far worse. He joined up with a small band of humans and the last coven of vampires who are riding out the zombie apocalypse in an old fort along the coast of southern Maine.

The group's uneasy alliance is strained by the arrival of the creator of the Revenant Virus. He claims there is a vaccine that will make them immune to the virus, but it's located in a secure underground facility five hundred miles away.

To retrieve the vaccine, Robson leads a raiding party of humans and vampires down the devastated East Coast. Yet none of the horrors Robson has faced match what awaits in the underground facility.

Yeah, I'm gonna agree. What waited in the facility was pretty bad and one of the reasons I love the cover of this book. It captures a moment that was riveting in the novel!

I think Mr. Baker did a great job of creating sympathetic characters that have gone through a lot. Robson, the protagonist, is especially well done. He's the everyman who's been beaten down my guilt over an incident that was really beyond his control. The camp relies on him, as does, Natalie who falls for him. Their relationship is sweet to watch and I found myself worried about what would happen to them in the end. By the way, Mr. Baker, great sex scene!

I like the vampire element in this book, too. The vamps are the bad guys who realize they've made a big mistake in releasing the zombie virus. It practically wipes out their entire race and causes them to join forces with the humans. Of course, not everyone is on board with this kind of alliance which just adds tension to the plot. O'Bannon is an awesome bad guy, and as a reader, you can't help but root for the zombies and hope they get him in the end.

My only complaint is that I wanted more. I got plenty, but I wanted to know what happened next. Did they get back to camp? Did everyone get vaccinated? Sequel, please!

If you can't tell, I highly recommend Rotter World by Scott M. Baker. Keep in mind it does contain some graphic violence and is not for the faint of heart! Pregnant women should consider reading it only if they want to give birth early. People with heart problems should probably take their pills first.

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Here is the author bio info!

Born and raised in Everett, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston), Scott M. Baker has spent the last twenty-two years living in northern Virginia.  He has authored several short stories, including the e-chapbook “Dead Water” by D’Ink Well Publications; “Rednecks Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things,” which appeared in the autumn 2008 edition of the e-zine Necrotic Tissue; “Cruise of the Living Dead,” which appeared in Living Dead Press’ Dead Worlds: Volume 3 anthology (August 2009); “Deck the Malls with Bowels of Holly,” which appeared in Living Dead Press‘ Christmas Is Dead anthology (October 2009); and “Denizens,” which appeared in Living Dead Press’ The Book of Horror anthology (March 2010). 

Scott’s first zombie novel, Rotter World, which details the struggle between humans and vampires during a zombie apocalypse, was released by Permuted Press in April 2012.  He has also authored The Vampire Hunters trilogy, which has been published by Pill Hill Press and received excellent reviews from Famous Monsters of Filmland and Fangoria, among others. Scott has finished his fifth novel, Yeitso, a homage to the monster movies of the 1950s set in northern New Mexico, which is currently with a publisher, and has begun his next novel, Hell Gates, the first in a series of young adult novels set in a world in which the realms of Hell and earth have merged. 

When he is not busy writing, Scott can either be found relaxing on his back deck with a good cigar and a cup of iced coffee, or doting on the four house rabbits that live with him.

Please visit the author’s website at http:\\


  1. Absolutely Fantastic Review!! I think Mr Baker has one of those wonderfully fluent minds that we occasionally see in authors we admire. Not many have it...

    Your Review BTW does a wonderful job of sharing the book and intriguing the reader..

  2. Thanks, Shauni! I really loved this book and can't wait to read more of his work.

  3. Mary Ann,

    Thank you for the awesome review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for hosting me today.