Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Zombie Monologues by Steve E. Metze--Book Review

Tis the season for summer reading--and for summer brain eating if you are a zombie! Hmmm....brains...yummy.....I have to say that we could probably start a website called All Things Zombie, and it would be swarmed with viewers the very first day. Zombies are in fashion right now and after reading the hilarious book, The Zombie Monologues by Steve E. Metze, I can see why! Mr. Metze's book offers a different view of zombie living (so to speak), and it's about the other side of the apocalypse story.

Told in an interview and laboratory note style, the book chronicles the studies of Eve Langley, a doctor doing research on what is called Necrotizing Ambulation Disorder (NAD) Experiences. It seems a virus has broken out called Athena's Disease (named for the movie star who suddenly turned into a zombie on stage at the Academy Awards), and it has swept across the world. Rather than just turn their backs on the infected creatures--which would be a bad idea anyway, unless your goal is to get eaten--the NAD group has created a software that allows them to document "undead" memories and conversations. Through a special device, they can actually communicate with the zombies and get their perspective on what it's like to go through the change, what people taste like, and how they became infected in the first place. The result is some seriously funny conversations!

Metze's book moves at a fast pace with well developed "dead" characters. The plot is definitely a twist on the traditional zombie tale, making them appear more sympathetic and their actions understandable. He introduces some new ideas that will keep the zombie huggers entertained, as well as, bringing in science theories that are fresh compared to the mass of zombie movies we've all seen of late.

All in all, it was a great read. It made me hungry, too. For brains....Just kidding!

You can buy it at Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle! Happy eating...I mean, reading.

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