Monday, May 16, 2011


Blogger took a little break last week, I noticed. I was unable to post comments on other blogs, but that was the extent of the effect on me.

Other outages affect me lots more! (Though I missed commenting, of course.) But when the AC goes out in July or August, or the heat goes out in January, those are bad times. I feel like a whiny sniveler when I complain about that stuff, though, knowing that many people deal with being too hot or too cold a lot more than I do. Homeless, for example. People who can't manage to pay their bills every month, for example. People who've lost their homes to floods, tornadoes, or other natural disasters, for example.

We haven't lost our electricity yet this year, but it happens with regularity in the summer in this part of Texas. Last year there were unannounced rolling blackouts. I think they called them brownouts, but they looked pretty black to me. The electricity was dead, cut off, kaput.

Maybe I should prepare for that this year. Save up some projects for the times when I can't be on the computer.

Let's see, I can write on my AlphaSmart. I could clean off my desk. I could clean house. I could weed the garden (unless it's too hot, then I can't do that). Maybe I could get on the elliptical. Haven't done that in awhile. Cook, shop, even sew. Play my violin if I'm not sweating too much (sweat is bad for the wood, you understand) or write some music.

The only problem with the above list is that it will be on the inaccessible electronic device when the power goes out--unless I print it out. But then it'll get lost with the other papers on my desk and I won't be able to find it!

What modern advantage would most disconvenience you if you lost it?

PS. Please be aware that May is Zombie Awareness Month. Maybe I should have blogged about this?

Chiaroscuro painting by Georges de la Tour is in the public domain

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  1. Arrrgh! I jinxed myself! I've just spent the last 25 minutes rebooting because the power went out here. (Yes, I need a new computer.)