Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7 Unusual Reasons Why You Should Blog

As writers, we all know the importance of blogging. There must be a zillion books and websites dedicated to this type of social media. I won't rehash the things we already know. Instead, my goal this week was to think of some often over looked reasons to be blogging.

1. It gets you out of your shy shell. Are you worried about putting your words out there? Afraid that your bare thoughts may show what a freak of nature you are? Blogging helps you get past that. That's actually a perk of blogging! People like to embrace other's freak flag and then fly their own. Just write down some thoughts and stick em' out there. Don't worry what others think. The first few times you blog, heck maybe even longer, people probably won't comment anyway. That's your chance to build up your courage.

2. You can meet the other freaks. Let's just piggyback off of reason #1. Once people do start commenting, you will notice the wide variety of people online. And I mean wide!

3. Blogging is good for goal setting. If your goal is to write something every day, then there you go. A short blog once a day can help you achieve that.

4. Blogging can jog your creative juices. Once you start writing, all sorts of ideas pop into your head. Write them down so that if you get stuck on what to blog about, you'll have a list for inspiration.

5. You could be a Twitter Trend. Who knows? Anything is possible.

6. Discover the joy of Stat Counter. Want to know how many people are watching your freak flag fly? Install Stat Counter on your blog and check out your numbers. Some days it's enough to make you crazy.

7. Learn the art of accepting criticism. Yep, sometimes the comments are critical. Deal with it. Writing is subjective, and if you are going to do it for a living, you might as well get some tough writer's skin now. Besides, on a blog you can always delete your critics!

Have some other unusual reasons to be blogging? Drop a comment! I'd love to hear from you! Need more blogging tips? Check out this fun site called Morgen Bailey's Blog.


  1. RE: #3
    Blogging can also create public embarrassment when you don't meet the goals (week after week). But so what. The Stat Counter makes up for that.

    RE: #5
    Now I have to find out what a Twitter Trend is.

  2. I'm sure you've already written about Twitter Trends, but I have a chronic memory leak.

  3. Ha! I have not written about trending topics on Twitter. Hmm...perhaps that will be a post in the following weeks!