Thursday, July 29, 2010

Links from Kaye

I'd like to share some links I've run across in the past week or so. Either I'm paying more attention to links people send, or they're just more interesting lately. I was drawn in by all of these!

At this site, NPR wants you to vote for your top 10 favorite thrillers
I wish they'd limited it to ones published in the past year. The list too choose from is long! Some of these aren't really thrillers and they've left off a bunch!

This one is just plain fun.
And here's an article on the above link telling about the guy who created it, and his future plans.

What does your book smell like? New Yorker article on marketing book/perfume tie-ins. Who thought of this?

This Mysteries and Margaritas blog entry could be helpful for editing your first draft

Ever want to know how to use the mouse less and the keyboard more?

Part of a speech by marketing expert Seth Godin. He explains infinite shelf space and what's happening in the publishing industry.

Kristin Lamb gives a humorous view of being a writer at this blog.

Thinking about self-publishing? Here's a whole bunch of info on that.

101 ways to market by Joanna Campbell Slan, which is another name for the Energizer Bunny. I got the link from Victor Banis. He recommends using only the promotional tools you feel comfortable with, or those you enjoy.

Sandy Parshall says she picked up all the links below (except the last one) from a DorothyL post by a librarian. Interesting stuff. They're about to articles/blogs/e-books.

Why e-reader adoption will be slower than people think

Piracy of e-books

What if Amazon dominates the field

NPR on how reading and writing will be changed by e-books

A blog on issues re e-books for librarians and publishers, written by
Sue Polanka, head of Reference at Wright State University

AAA&S panel from Symposium on the Impact of Technology on Society,
entitled "Information Technology and the Future of Books, Publishing,
and Libraries"

Here's how to contact Sandy, author of the fabulous mystery BROKEN PLACES:
Her web site
Blogging at

And lastly, this is a treat for mystery fans. Sir Arthur himself speaking about Sherlock! This comes via Janet Rudolph.


  1. Kaye, here's another link about figuring out the reading level of whatever you've written. Useful if you're doing YA, for example.

  2. Wow. Thanks for all the links. Now, if I only had the free time to check them all out. My day job is being a rare blood courier.

    By night, I am the elusive writing genius, pursued by inner and outer writing demons.

    You have a great blog, Roland

  3. Thanks, Roland! I'm going to post a few more tomorrow, but not this many. :)