Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Write Like

Here is a little weekend fun for you:

My boss pointed me to this website called I Write Like. You enter in a few paragraphs of your writing and the software compares your writing to forty well known writers to see which one you write like. The algorithm that runs the software makes the analysis based on sentence structure, word choice, and other factors. Once completed, you get a badge that you can place on your website, facebook, or blog so everyone will know who you write like.

By the way, I write like Stephen King.


  1. A bunch of us mystery writers have been doing this like crazy. The author of the website ( says it's mostly based on word choice. My first snippet was Mark Twain, my second James Fenimore Cooper, which is funny since Twain despised Cooper (as a friend told me). A third was Dan Brown, so I quit after that.

    Here's an interview with the guy who made the site:

    I'm sticking with Twain. I write like Mark Twain!

  2. My first attempt said Margaret Mitchell which was funny because what I posted definately has a southern flair to it. My second attempt said Margaret Atwood. Fun stuff!

  3. I've tried it & gotten different results. But that's cool that you write like Stephen King. Wish I could! :)

  4. Kaye--I would quit if I got Dan Brown too:)

    mary ann--my opinion of you has changed:P

    Notesfromnadir--its not a hard science and there are only 40 writers in the system, but I was surprised at how consistent it was. It was just a fun aside and in no way a testament to my writing. Glad you enjoyed it!