Monday, May 24, 2010

Workshop Review: Yard Gnome Army Fiction Bootcamp

I don't know about you, but I've been through a few writing classes. As a writer, it's essential that you continue to hone your craft. Never assume you're "there," or you'll be shocked to find out your writing isn't as good as it can be. The problem is that some of those books and workshops end up confusing you more than helping you. Like the whole show v. tell thing--it took me forever to get it.

Recently I took a workshop that blew my mind away. It boiled down all those essential writing elements into terms that not only were understandable but fun! It was on-line so I didn't have to drive and sit in a stuffy classroom, had a collaborative forum so I was able to interact with the whole class and the professor (made a ton of friends, by the way), and learned more in that class then in all of the other classes/books combined! What class is this you ask? It's Bram Stoker nominated author Jeremy Shipp's Yard Gnome Army Fiction Bootcamp.

I don't evangelize for people often, but this class was phenomenal and Jeremy truly is an amazing and kind person. I was able to put a short story and my novel through the ringer. I am happy to say that the short story is in the finals for an anthology contest and an agent is currently reading my novel. Don't worry, he will have another class starting soon. He will begin registering the last week of may. To get more info email Jeremy here.

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