Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How can readers help authors? Reviews and Social Media!

I love when a reader emails or Tweets "I loved this book! How can I help spread the word about your work?" You know you've made a connection in some way and that feels good. No, not good. Amazing!

So if you're a reader and you want to help an author, what do you do?

1. Write a review--Places like Amazon and Goodreads are great places to leave reviews for authors. This helps spread the word about a book you especially enjoyed and can help you connect with the other readers with like minded interests. Will the author read your review? Depends on who they are, but personally, I like to read mine. Even the bad ones. How else will I be a life long learner if I don't hear it all? Some authors may not like to admit it, but reviews--good and bad--are important. They are what get others interested in the story.

By the way, it's always great to leave a text review, but even a quick review where you just star the work is fine, too. It all helps!

2. Social Media--Did you just love that book? Did you relate to every character? Feel like you were living their lives? Then don't keep that inside. Hurry to your Twitter account and post your emotion right now! Or update your Facebook status asap. Snap that Instagram pic of the book cover and share it with the world.

Authors are always told to use social media as a way to connect with their readers, but it's also a way for a reader to express how they felt about they read. If you want to help out your favorite author, tag them on social media as you talk about their book. If you see that author's name in a Tweet, retweet it. This is spreading the word just like leaving a review. Share the author's post on Facebook. Like their photos.

You'd be surprised how these simple acts can help an author out!

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