Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bayou Scar free on Amazon June 18-22

I love to be able to offer free things to readers! So when it comes to Bayou Scar, I'm doing it! For the next five days, the second book in the Bayou Myth series will be available for your Kindle for free. I've had several fans ask me when the third book is coming out. Well...let's just say the hope is that it will be available for you as a Christmas present!

By the way, I love reviews--good or bad. Even the bad ones can help you grow as writer! So if you choose to take advantage of this free offer, would you be so kind as to leave me a review? Don't feel comfortable doing that? Feel free to drop me a note at my email address: Be sure and drop by my website to see what else has been going on in my world!


Being a teenage voodoo queen is never easy, especially when your heart is broken, a bossy arch nemesis lives in your house, and your psychic freakiness is suddenly the coolest thing in your high school.  Though she’s tried to clean up the tainted artifacts left over from the Fates Potion, Joan Renault’s mind has been on other things—namely the voodoo priestess trapped on the astral plain who is plotting revenge against her.

But the moment Joan Renault holds the Apple of Discord in her hand, its power ripples through her life like a poison. The least of Joan's worries should be some silly apple her nominee for the Winter Court Ball will have to carry but this is more than some symbol of high school pageantry. It’s poisonous. Toxic. And it just might kill the people Joan loves.

When the voodoo god, Baron Samedi, approaches her with a tempting offer that could put right all the things that have gone wrong, Joan must decide what’s more important: fixing the past or moving into an uncertain future filled with voodoo and witchcraft.

This is Book 2 in the Bayou Myth series. Haven’t read Book 1? Get your copy of Bayou Myth today!

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