Monday, March 17, 2014

Theatre Junkie Press--a small press for theatre education

I'm always interested in helping out the small press. They fight so hard to be seen by readers and it's even more difficult for educational presses to get attention. When Theatre Junkie Press approached me about doing some writing for them, I jumped on board. Using their services, I've written several theatre books for the elementary classroom teacher. I promised to highlight them on All Things Writing, but haven't had a chance to do so up until this point! If you are a teacher looking for different approaches to teaching reading skills or develop an awareness of theatre arts, check out this press! Here is their mission statement:

theatre junkie press is committed to providing educational materials to both the elementary theatre arts teacher and the regular classroom teacher. Fine Arts education is incredibly important and having the resources to teach it are crucial. While there are many excellent texts and websites out there for middle school and high school drama teachers, when it comes to elementary theatre, the pickings are slim.  Our mission is to change that and publish a wide variety of materials suitable for Kindergarten-Fifth grade.

Here are a few of their titles as well!

The Day Our Teacher Lost Her Mind: A Reader's Theatre for Grades 2-3.
A charming Reader's Theatre for grades 2-3, The Day Our Teacher Lost Her Mind helps students remember the classroom rules while developing reading fluency. Included in this book are theatre games, the narrative, the script, and extension activities designed to take the tale a step further.
How  Do I Get Out of This Mirror?

Are your kids stuck in creative problem solving rut? Does thinking outside the box seem impossible for some students? Not anymore! How Do I Get Out of This Mirror takes you into the world of improvisation and theatre arts, getting students to think about difficult situations in a new way.  With fun games and warm ups, your students will be problem solving champs in no time! Suitable for grades 3-5, How Do I Get Out of This Mirror provides seven lessons that will challenge your students to work in collaborative groups, use every day materials to create props, and allow them to see that there can be more than one answer to a problem.

I'm Going to Tell My Mother: A Reader's Theatre for Grades 2-5
I'm going to tell my mother!" Everyone is sick of Alan using that phrase. It's how he always manages to get his way. When he tries to use it on his second grade teacher, Alan discovers that his words can have a powerful affect--and not necessarily in a way that benefits him! This engaging story is presented as a narrative and a reader's theatre. With easy to follow instructions on how to conduct rehearsals, you'll soon be on your way to presenting an amazing performance with your students. Use the games and warm ups provided to bring your shy friends out of their shell.

I encourage you to spread the word about this unique publishing company! Check out their website at theatre junkie press

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