Monday, October 14, 2013

5 Tools to Help the Challenged Writer with Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA. I can't think of that phrase without it being in all caps, shouting off the page like it's some over sized gorilla determined to climb the Empire State Building of Writing. If you've been following our friendly little blog here at All Things Writing, you are aware that we've done several blog posts about various forms of social media. It's one of those things that writers are supposed to get savvy about if they expect to build a platform, get an agent, find a publisher, and sell a book. And if you're thinking to yourself, "Ah, I'm self publishing. She's not talking to me..." Ha! I'm especially talking to you. My hairy finger (yes, it's kind of Hobbit-like)  is pointing directly in your direction, and I'm shaking my golden locks, (they're actually kind of dish watery) dismayed by your naivety.

Yep. Social media is a band wagon you need to jump on, my friend. I know, I know. There's so much to choose from. How will you find the time? Or keep up with it all? We've heard about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other. So here's 5 new tips to think about.

1. Social Oomph--This handy, dandy website will help you out if you feel like you don't have time to Tweet on Twitter. It allows you to schedule your tweets in advance, thus giving the illusion you are on-line. This can be a great tool for scheduling little announcements at various points through out the day. Just hop on in the morning, schedule your bright, witty comments about things that haven't happened yet, and go on about your business. Some people say this defeats the point of Twitter. Tough. Some of us have lives. To view Social Oomph, click here:

2. Blog Topics--Blogging is a pretty big thing for writers since it helps create your platform and introduces your voice to readers. Don't know what to write about for your adoring fans this week? No problem. Look at your previous posts. Create a little graphic organizer and brainstorm ideas that relate to what you've written about in the past. Pretty soon, you'll have a nice list of new ideas. Keep them by your computer so when you're stuck on what to write about, the list is right there to refer to.

3.  Stat Counter--Want to know if your blogs are being read or which topics score the most hits? Many blog sites have built in stat counters, but you can also install a stat counter on your website to help you keep track, too. For details, click here.

4. Animoto--Some of us are visual learners. If you want to create a movie to help promote your book, get more attention to your blog, or just because you've got a need to be the next Robert Rodriguez, then go to Animoto. This site is so easy to use and allows you to create some fun videos in under thirty seconds. Even my ninety year old grandma could do it! I've used this to drive traffic to my blog or promote things for functions at work. Above is an example video that I made using Animoto.

5. Goodreads--I know I just did a blog post about the fabulousness of Goodreads, but it has to be said again: they are a great social media tool. With all the chat sites on Goodreads, you are sure to find kindred readers. This is a good way to get feed back on your short stories, manuscripts, ideas, and encourage people to read your blog.

I hope these simple social media hints will help inspire you. Have some other quick suggestions or new ideas? Leave a comment!


  1. Thank you for these ideas. I enjoyed your animoto work. I'll be glad to follow your blog.

  2. Thanks! Love your screen name Shockgrubz!

  3. I've been wondering about the scheduled tweet thing. Thanks for the link--and the rest of the info!

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