Friday, August 16, 2013

The Art of Effortless Writing: The Flow

We have a guest blogger today, Kirra Sherman, who is all about keeping positive during the writing process. I hope we hear more and more from this talented writer!--Mary Ann

It sounds almost too good to be true, but there is a space where writing almost writes itself. Most writers at some point stumble on this flow of creativity where the words just flow effortlessly.

It's as if one idea leads to another, and one word leads to another until there is a gorgeous piece of writing that almost miraculously flowed out of thin air. The truth is that it did. What do you think creativity is? It’s the space of imagination, and it is both empty and full depending on how you look at it. It’s full of infinite ideas, but it requires you to be empty in your mind. 

To write from the space of flowing creativity, the space in your mind must be clear to access all possibilities. When you’re open to all possibilities, you allow an idea to come into your space, which is likely something you love to express. And when you write from that space, you don’t need to know the whole story, or how it will end, or what the ultimate message will be because it’s moment to moment.

Effortless writing is about writing vulnerably, which sometimes emerges emotions into the writing by connecting with the feeling that wants to be expressed through a message, or characters, or a story. It can be cathartic writing in this way, processing the reflections from your own life experiences.

Writing in the flow is accessing that one message wanting to flow authentically from your fingertips. It requires your presence, willingness, and the ability to put aside judgment of what it is that’s being written through you.

When you write from the space of creativity, rather than your mind, it’s going to be a very different experience, too. It feels differently in the body, and in my experience, it’s much more enjoyable. It’s enjoyable because from moment to moment, I, as the writer, am on the edge of my seat waiting for the message to unfold. And it feels like a flow is coming through my body, not just floating thoughts in my head. In fact, there is no thinking whatsoever.

When the flow takes over a piece of writing, it’s as if it’s a whole body experience because the flow is a part of my whole being. And while this is the experience you have while you write, inevitably it affects the reader in the same feeling way. It can be a powerful experience in how it inspires you as a writer, and how it feels to the reader.

How do you access the flow in writing and what gets in the way?


1) DECIDE – Sometimes a writer puts a pen to paper, but still hasn’t made a whole-hearted decision to write something of value whether it’s for the writer or the reader. Decide with your whole being to write your message, dance your dance, and sing your song.

2) Get present – put your energy in your feet and feel the sensations in your body. The flow is found by connecting with your being-ness.

3) No judgment – Let go of what you think the message is and just open up your mind. Notice any limiting thoughts and embrace them rather than resisting them, but bring yourself back to presence.

4) Don’t write until the message finds you. You don’t find creativity… creativity finds you when your mind is empty.


Kirra Sherman is an Intuitive speaker and coach who shares about writing and living Intuitively to feel more alive. She works one-on-one and in small groups to guide you to follow your inner feeling and make your choices from love. Follow her writings and learn about her Intuitive Guidance sessions on



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  1. A very insightful piece of writing that describes the experience of being in a state of FLOW. Thanks for sharing Kirra.