Monday, May 27, 2013

My Writing Journey by The Witty Scholar

I love getting emails from young writers who are just starting out or discovering their passion for writing for the first time. This is a fun piece written by a talented seventeen year old who likes to be called The Witty Scholar.--Mary Ann

I started writing when I was in mama’s womb. I always drew and inscribed loads of words I couldn’t even make out on the walls of my room, her uterus. Of course I didn't know how to read or write but I always overheard when people conversed and tried to put words together even though I couldn’t see well. It always seemed like a reflex; something I couldn’t quite control.

As I grew, I came to love writing a lot. Sometimes even when I got nothing, I scribbled some mess on any writing space and slept on it waiting for an idea to hit me. I couldn’t live without writing for a day. I would tell you that English classes were my best. I always made sure all my essays and stories homework were done last, so I could cover up all boring work done. Just like icing on a cake.

Because of that, I gave up my science classes and took up literature and other arts instead and came out with an A*. My parents were on the verge of withdrawing me from school because of my decision. But being the stubborn mind I am, I stood by my word and never slacked. They wanted me to go into real business and not just some ‘some silly piling up of words to form a book’ as they always said. But I stuck to it and here I am. I guess such is life.

The only truth in that assemblage of words you just read is that I’m actually seventeen and I’m stubborn. Not what you expected huh? People love reading things as cliché as this. I find it everywhere. And yet I want to give you my real story. It’s going to be short, but different.

I started writing when I was 17, some months ago. That’s why I said my story would be a short one. Before then, I’d never tried writing. Even though I had friends who were flawless authors and tried to emulate them for some time, I still got nothing. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I got bored of doing absolutely nothing that this crazy idea of writing popped up in my head. I resorted to that because apparently, nothing was left to do. I registered on wattpad and put up some of my little pieces but they weren’t at all appreciated to my taste. I got fed up actually and decided to get a blog for myself. Then at least whether I was appreciated or not, I knew my work was out there, in the open.

You could say I don't know much about writing, or maybe nothing at all but I’m only just starting this phase of my life. I don't know where it heads but I hope it’s going to be something more than a hobby. The essence of this tearless story is so that people would stop believing that if they haven’t been doing something from birth, then it can’t be regarded as a talent or hobby.

I'm 17 and a Nigerian. I actually love writing now, very much. It's a way to reduce stress. 

---The Witty Scholar


  1. I wish people noticed my writing. I once had a blog that got no attention, so I deleted it. I am now starting a new one and hoping for the best! I suppose that all good things come in time, but I too am young (only 19) and impatient. I am one of those people who has been writing for years--maybe not since birth, but from the age of about five or six. Writing is my passion, my expression, my life. My problem is, I'm young and uneducated in the art of literary business. How do I get noticed?

    1. We are in this together Taylor. Can you post your blog url so I can visit it.

  2. Taylor, if you really ARE any good, please visit and see how we treat young writers.

    We're more concerned with talent than ability to drop names as you can see.