Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elance Freelance Writing--The Key to the Online Freelance Marketplace

A while back, I wrote about freelance writing and how much I've enjoyed doing it. Yes, it can be time consuming, but I find that it helps pay the bills and helps me pay for promotional costs for my books. I use Elance to find freelance work ,though there are many different websites that offer jobs for freelancers. My experience with Elance has been mostly positive and what I like about this company is that if you run in to little hiccups here and there with clients, the Elance team helps solve the problem. When Angela Caswell contacted me about a short guest post regarding a book she wrote to help writers understand how to use Elance, I said yes! I even read the book she is talking about and found it to be a great guide for someone who is new to the site and wants to know the best and most effective way to win jobs and get noticed. So without further delay, welcome Angela!

Elance Freelance Writing – The Key to the Online Freelance Marketplace

By Angela Caswell

I recently landed my first summer internship in social media marketing. When this door opened, I was suddenly struck with the urge to search for other ways to work from home. This led me to the exciting world of freelance writing. The only question that remained was where to get started?

This question may seem daunting to a young entrepreneur, but never fear! Did you know there is an online marketplace for freelance writers to connect with clients? The social media platform is called Elance, and now there is an eBook to help you begin marketing yourself as a freelancer.

Elance Freelance Writing: A Writer’s Guide to Making Money is authored by Courtney Allison and Joe Latuszek. The eBook offers countless practical tips for starting your own Elance business and successfully marketing your skills to clients. In this handy eBook, you will learn about:

·        How to create your best personal profile

·        How to make your profile searchable and visible to clients

·        Tips for bidding and winning clients

·        Ways to create positive client/contractor relations

·        And so much more!

One of the most helpful aspects of the setup on Elance is the ability to review the history of potential clients. You can search to see how often they hire, their payment history, and comments from other Elance users.  Elance is not only an online marketplace, but an online community, enabling users to effectively communicate and create optimum business partnerships.

Using this social networking platform is a great way to start making money as a freelance writer. Reading this eBook ( offers a step-by-step guideline to equip you with the tools for success. You can get started today!

[Elance Freelance Writing: A Writer’s Guide to Making Money by Courtney Allison and Joe Latuszek is available at Barnes and Noble,, and]


  1. Interesting post on Elance. I've read about it, but never checked it out. This post encourages me that it might be a good idea.

    I'm writing Cozy Mystery short stories in my free time (ha!). I'm only now beginning to realize that I can connect with others doing the same through Cool!

  2. Tower,

    I really like Elance. I admit that at times I've worked with some wackadoo clients, but it's a good way to help finance your other writing projects. Thanks for stopping by!

    Mary Ann