Monday, January 2, 2012

My turn for resolutions

political ad at Delphi, Greece

With all due respect to my fellow blogger, Mary Ann, I'd rather call them Goals. Resolutions sound so...resolute! So final, so etched in stone. Never mind that lots of them become unetched somehow.

Beckham's 70 yd. goal 2008
A goal, to me, is more like something to shoot for. I'll aim to keep these, but I'll keep in mind that I may miss. There are goal tenders and powerful lines of defense to keep me from making my goals, but I'll go down kicking!

I have a much more detailed list than this, but this is the nutshell version:

Publish at least 2 books and 6 short stories.
Write 2 hours a day M-F, or 5 days a week.

There will be lots of baby steps and trial shots before I get close to any of the ones on the first lines. Like writing and submitting.

(Why am I doing sports metaphors today? Not usually my thing. Maybe because I hear football in the next room and it's oozing into my brain, through my fingers, and onto the computer screen.)

It would be good to recognize my opposition defense and goalies. Yours may differ, but mine are (1) procrastination--just not writing, even when I have the time (playing spider, I'll admit it); (2) obligations--like hubby's knee surgery tomorrow, eating, bathing, sleeping, etc. (3) interference by the internet--how do I resist that?

Now I have to plan my offense. The second line of my goals, I hope, will help.


  1. Resolutions are different things. They feel virtuous, but that's all they seem to be. Very often they are just a vow to change a habit.

    Goals are about achieving something and are more specific.

    My goals are very similar to yours -- Write 10 hours a week, publish two novels plus miscellaneous stuff. I'm using the A Round Of Words In 80 Days challenge to keep on top of it. (Gotta report in twice a week.)

  2. Great goals! I plan to write a short story every month and submit it somewhere. I also plan to revise three of my manuscripts and submit them. Lots of work! Happy New Year. :)

  3. Sounds like you two are doing pretty much the same as I am. Let's go!

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Write first. Don't connect to the Internet until ALL writing for the day has been done. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.


    (Dislodging tongue from cheek...)

    I have to publish my ROW80 goals today. Should have done it yesterday. But didn't want to appear too eager.

    I like your goals, though. Can't wait for the books. I'm short of reading material.

  5. What!? I can disconnect from the internet?! I don't believe you. I did break the little pop up thingie that tells me when a new email comes in, and that seems to be a good thing.

  6. Procrastination is a problem for me too and it goes hand in hand with "internet interference". It's difficult because I'll be working on a story on my laptop, and then I'll feel tempted to open up the browser and just surf online for a few minutes. And then one hour later I'm still surfing, darn it.

  7. I guess we all have our work avoidance methods, but the internet is an excellent one! Thanks for coming by, Neurotic Workaholic, but now you've made me feel guilty for keeping you from your work.