Monday, July 18, 2011

On vacation

I'm actually away visiting family this week and I arranged this blog post before I left. Since it's a little over a week before the actual post date, I have no idea what I'm doing today, but I know it involved an adorable little baby grandson who is on the verge of being able to walk!

Thoughts on vacationing. I know some writers write every single day, whether they're on vacation or not. Some write more on vacation than when they're home. Is that healthy?

Do you ever take a complete break from writing? I don't know if I'm doing that or not right now. Maybe I'm jotting down a few things on my laptop every night after everyone is asleep. (I don't seem to sleep as much as everyone else.) Or maybe I'm opening it to check email, then putting the lid down after a few minutes.

I wonder if writers lose their writing chops if they quit for a week or so. I know I would if I quit for longer.

(The picture is NOT where I am!)


  1. I just realized what I SHOULD have blogged about--Mary Anns release today!

    Mary Ann, do you have links for other readers besides Kindle?

  2. I find if I take a break from writing for longer than a week, I lose the thread of the story and it takes a few days to get things flowing again.
    Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

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