Monday, April 18, 2011

Turning It Off

I can't figure out how to do it. Oh, there's a switch. Several in fact. The "START" Microsoft button that means "OFF" (yay, MS!), the button on the front of the CPU, and the switch on the surge protector. But how can I do that when so much is happening everywhere?

There are my lists, facebook, twitter, the files I should be adding words to, blogging to do, a newsletter I'm trying to start, guest blogs I need to turn in to others, guest blogs I need to receive from others. And on and on. Even personal messages in there somewhere.

So much is happening! How can I bear to miss it?

If only there were a way to sit for thirteen hours without getting bleary-eyed, hunched, malnutritioned, and a headache. That's what we need in the way of evolution--a way to keep keyboarding and not ruin hands and wrists. A way to stare at a flickering screen without eyestrain.

I wonder if people of the future will be able to do these things.

This person, now, can't. I mean, I do, but I shouldn't.

Step away from the machine.

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