Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogging is Over

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If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you didn’t even know that. But, according to this February 1st article, it is now The End of  Blogging. Or so says Nick Denton. He mentions the blog format, “reverse-chronological aggregation accompanied by commentary”, is “not long for this world”.


The writer is quite fond of the word “aggregation”, I noticed. His article achieved a forward aggregation, that is, he aggregated the word six times. I say a forward aggregation only because my search was set on “down”. I could achieve reverse by searching “up”, I’ll bet.

From now on, let’s not reverse our chronological aggregations, let’s move ‘em on down the line--forward-wise. Deal?

“In fact, the decline of the blog has come so quickly, one has to wonder whether we ever really liked the medium at all.” Well, I don’t know if “liked” is the right word. Don’t we all feel it’s something we must do? I enjoy it, but evidently I shouldn’t.

The whole article is, I kid you not, hilarious. Little gem’s like this quote from Choire Sicha from something called The Awl. “First it was embarrassing because bloggers were these dirty, horrible people, and then it was embarrassing because our grandmas have blogs, God bless them." Well gee, this really hit home. I’m the worst of the worst. I’m a blogger (a multiple-blogger yet) AND a grandma. I’ve never really thought of myself as dirty and horrible, but I’m obviously missing something.

Denton’s opinion is that “social media killed the ironic blog headline.” Now that I know ironic headlines are dead, I can stop worrying about creating those. Whew!


  1. Oh, well, there are always those who cry it's the end of XXX.
    I'm old enough to recall comic books were the end of reading. FM was the end of AM. Television was the end of radio. Ebooks are the end of book publishing.
    Tomorrow is the end of the world.
    Get over it!

  2. I'm a multiple blogger. I'm not a grandma, but I have cats, which is probably worse. Dear, dear, dear.

    What I want to know is how social media killed the ironic blog headline. It sounds like something that could be turned into a mystery novel.

  3. I laughed all the way through this. I'm an embarrassment too, a grandmother, a blogger, and I have two dogs (do they count?). And I'm so far behind I didn't even know blogging was dead. But I'm glad those clever headlines can go by the wayside now. What a relief.

  4. Yeah, Carl, it's always the end of something, isn't it? Cats, kids, bloggers--ugh! And I'm guest blogging elsewhere today, too! How dirty and horrible of me.

  5. LOL, Kaye. Sometimes I feel like blogging other times I don't...I think I'll go eat a candy bar and stop worrying about blog titles. Oh yeah, the titles were never the worry.

  6. Candy bars can fix almost everything!

  7. Kaye, lucky for us aggregates, we weren't up on the end of blogging or we might have quit . I hope he never tells us to jump off a cliff--we probably won't do that either.

  8. We sure have to work to keep up with what's dead, eh Donnell?

  9. Well, if the end times are nigh, let's all stop reading this and get out and cavort on FB!!

    I wonder what he'd say about commenting? Dirty, horrible, AND old school??

  10. Wait, wait! Next week FB will be dead!

  11. Let's see. Blogs are over. I'm reading your blog and several others. By extrapolation, or aggregation, I am Over.
    Huh. Who knew?
    (oops I have a blog. I'm sooo over.)

  12. Diane and Kath, bloggers extraordinaire both of you, thanks for stopping by!