Sunday, January 9, 2011


I wish more than anything I could get writing right the first time. If I could accomplish that elusive little thing, then I'd be the best writer in the world and not write the mindless crap that seems to spew neverendingly from my fingertips. Of course, I'd also be egotistical, arrogant, and completely unable to lift my oversized head up from my shoulders.

But I think making mistakes and failing forward is important. It's what makes us or breaks us as writers. You either learn from it, or you stagnate in pool of self pity. Stagnation, while easy, sucks. Not moving forward and wallowing takes a toll on a person if you do it long enough.

That might meant that occasionally you write crap--things that no reader or agent would ever, could ever want! Maybe it means you just write to write, because you can. Perhaps it means you stop judging yourself or allowing your mind chatter to insult you. (You're a bad writer. You suck. This is the worst thing ever written.) Just write. Let the excrement flow.... because sometimes, when you wipe away the excrement from your writing (figuratively, of course), you might find the diamond in the rough, the short story that actually might be good or the novel idea that could sell. It's CRAPTASTIC!

So don't beat yourself up. Just go write some crap and get over it!

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  1. "That might mean that occasionally you write crap..."


  2. Now, now! Some crap is good, remember?