Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pen Name Fun

I love standing in line at the grocery store and glancing at the names of the romance novelists whose books have been stashed there. Sure, there’s the readily recognizable ones like Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele, but I enjoy reading the names of the lesser known authors—Emma Darcy, Jeannette Diamond, and Suzy Stinger. It’s common for writers to write under different names, but my grocery line perusing got me to thinking about what my name would be. At a recent writing meeting, I found a link that generated pen names and after debating over a few (Adelina Burner, Zenaida Swonke), I settle on Xenia Zeminski.

But then the question arose: What does Xenia write?

Christian erotica, of course.

Now I’m not trying to offend anyone—far from it. Actually, I’m trying to stimulate your writing juices. See, Xenia got me to thinking about writing in a different style and certainly a different genre than I’m used to. While I don’t think Christian erotica is for me, coming up with a pen name and a author bio was a lot of fun.

So I have a challenge for you, Faithful Followers. Come up with a pen name for yourself and a short author bio( 100 words or so). Post it in the comment section of this article, and we’ll select a winner whose bio will be posted for all to see. Try to keep it reasonably clean! Funny is always good…

Yours truly,

Xenia Zeminski


  1. OK, new pen name: April Paris. April writes humorous thrillers, spanning the period from the cold war era into Viet Nam and romping across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. April is the only American CIA agent who can both snow and water ski and her skills are in constant demand.

    In her spare time, April enjoys cross stitch and kick boxing and makes her home in Costa Rica with her pet spider monkey, Laddie.

  2. Someone wants to know the link you found, Mary Ann. She asked me on FB when I posted there.

  3. Pen Name: "Catalyst"

    Catalyst writes politics and Christianity in science fiction and fantasy settings, not in metaphors, but using those settings as foils to explore the realities.

    Besides, its higher in the alphabet and will be seen earlier by the casual peruser at the bookstore.

  4. Xenia, I am shocked, SHOCKED! What would your mother say? I only hope no one ever tells her.

    On the other hand, twenty years from now, when certain former ankle-biters discover your double identity, sales will go through the roof.