Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This author is approaching overload! How do people continue writing during the holiday season?

I know agents continue working, because they are sending me their rejections. Frequently, in the last week or so. The car is in the shop, waiting for me to post bail. And the Christmas cards are unmailed, no baking is done, very few presents have been bought, and the kids are sending me lists! That negative karma piles up.

Yesterday, I did something that made me feel a little better. After two rejections, one by email, one carried snail-wise, I abandoned ship (the USS WIP from NaNoWriMo) and trotted out some short stories that have not found homes yet. I worked on them for a few hours, then sent them out to two different markets. Actually, I felt a LOT better after doing that. I accomplished something! The Christmas preparations are still waiting. They're not going anywhere, right?

I'm drinking kava tea today, before I go get the car. Another rejection came today.

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