Monday, July 29, 2013

3 Days Left to Submit to the All Things Writing Short Story Contest

Only a few days left until we close our submissions to our summer writing contest. I've had many great short stories submitted so far and I'm looking forward to reading yours. Once again, here's what we are looking for!--Mary Ann brings a writer all kinds of inspiration. For some, it brings back memories of childhood. For others, it reminds us that it's time to relax, maybe let our hair down a little as we sip a margarita on the beach.

Personally, it makes me think of spending quality time in amusement parks. Six Flags, Disney World, Schlitterbahn (the hottest, coolest time in Texas)--these places are always over run this time of year with people looking for fun.

But what happens when things go wrong at an amusement park? What happens when chaos breaks out? And just what kind of chaos would break out in your story?

That's your assignment for this writing contest!

The theme for our summer writing contest at All Things Writing is Mayhem and Amusement Parks. Write a 2000 word short story with this topic in mind and submit it to us here at All Things Writing. The open submissions deadline begins on July 1 and runs through July 31. There is no entry fee and all genres are welcome.

The winner will have their story posted on the All Things Writing website. In addition to that, they will also have the opportunity to guest blog and be interviewed about their writing process. If you are an indie author looking for exposure, this is a great contest to enter!

A few rules:

Your story cannot be over 2000 words.

The tale should be about mayhem in an amusement park---not at church, not at school, not at your job (unless your job is at an amusement park!).

Mayhem doesn't have to mean gratuitous violence or sex with animals. Just sayin'.

Your story should not be printed anywhere else. Original work please!

Submissions: We're keeping it pretty simple as far as how you are supposed to submit. Just be sure to follow the rules! Those that don't will not be considered in the contest.

Please submit your 2000 word short story in the body of an email to Do not send an attachment. It will not get opened.

Be sure to included your name and email address in the email.

In the subject line, please write All Things Writing Short Story Entry. If that's not there, your email will not be opened.

Happy summer and we look forward to reading your work!

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