Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Am I?

This weekend, at the Texas Book Festival, I mentioned to an acquaintance that Kaye George isn't actually my real name. She asked which name I prefer to be called. I said I answer to either.

"Isn't that confusing?" she asked.

You know, sometimes it is. But only in the sense that I sometimes don't know which identity is more real. I feel that I AM Kaye George. I've worked for years to establish myself with that name and I was first published under that name in 2005, five times. That was my birth as a published fiction writer.

My daughter said to me last month that I should not spend so much time in cyber space and should get back to the real world.

But which world is real?

The places I create are very real to me. Sometimes I imagine myself entering my worlds, like Alice entering the Looking Glass, or Flynn entering Tron. It's easy to see where those writers got their ideas. Sometimes a writer WANTS to be in the world she has created.

Am I crazy? Do other writers sometimes feel like this?

If I don't get any supporting comments, I'll see if I can crawl into the computer. I don't feel like getting therapy for this.

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  1. If you're going to crawl into the computer, wait for me and I'll go with you. The people who live in the worlds I've created are some of my best friends. We've had some good times together. If I need therapy for feeling this way, I'll consult them. They probably know a good psychologist.

  2. Oh, good, I got a supporting comment. That means I don't have to crawl in. But I might anyway. No therapy needed--there's strength in numbers. :)

  3. Okay Kaye,

    I hear you. I'm here and I'm listening. And I have a feeling that life is about to step aside and let me back into the worlds I've created. Hope to see you soon, not not in the computer. :)


  4. Sometimes I'd so rather be in the worlds I write. And yes, sometimes I quietly go there. I suppose it's all about control. Although frankly I've never been in control of my computer. Which brings up the whole question of what goes on in the computer when I'm not right here. What are those pixels doing? Revising?

    President of Professional Paranoids not Anonymous.

  5. You may be onto something, Kath. I'm amazing at what shows up in my own work sometimes. Some very good stuff, and some very bad stuff. I'm pretty sure I didn't write that bad stuff. Like Toy Story meets Tron. (I have no idea why I'm stuck on Tron lately.)

  6. I'm with you on this one. In fact, after 9 years of living in Texas, it took moving away and writing a mystery set in Dallas to make me want to (mentally) go back!

  7. I only write about places I used to live, Diane. I think I would put too much extraneous stuff about wherever I'm presently living. Luckily, I've lived a lot of places. :)

    Someday I'll write about Austin and Taylor. But not while I'm living here!